Lives have been lost, homes and business have been destroyed and thousands of people are stranded or in limbo, as fires burn across Australia.

People all over the world are now coming together after a weekend of bushfire devastation to help where they can. Some have already started to organise events to raise funds for bushfire relief, from garage sales to club nights, gigs and major concerts.

If you have any upcoming events organised, you can collect donations on your online ticket sales form, to allow attendees to contribute to your chosen Bushfire Relief charity during the checkout process.

INTIX would like to help you raise as much money as possible, and that’s why we do not charge a service fee on any funds collected from donations.

Where can you donate?

Donations to the Australian Red Cross and state-based brigades like the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Victoria’s Country Fire Authority and South Australia’s Country Fire Service will go towards bushfire efforts.

There are many other options like donating to support the rescue of fire-affected animals:

How can you add a donation to your event on INTIX?

Adding an optional Donation to your event is easy, and allows attendees to add a donation to their cart while they are purchasing tickets. Customers can also add a donation without buying a ticket to attend your event.

INTIX does not charge a service fee for Donations received on your event form, and you can set pre-determined donation amounts or allow attendees to choose how much they would like to donate.

Follow our guide on how to add a donation to your event in our Help Centre to learn how to add a Donation Ticket Type.

Photograph: Eden residents prepare to take shelter aboard a tug boat at the town’s wharf. Andrew Quilty/The Guardian