Where are my tickets?

Already purchased tickets for an event, and having trouble locating them?

The easiest way to get your tickets is to find your email order confirmation; tickets are usually attached as a PDF file you can print. Try searching for the event in your email inbox.

Can’t find them, having trouble printing, or not sure if you have an INTIX account? Just enter your email address at account.in-tix.com.

Finding tickets in your INTIX Account

1. Log in to your INTIX account. Use the “Forgot Password” link if you have trouble logging in.

2. After you sign in, if you have purchased tickets through INTIX from multiple event organisers, you will be prompted to select the event organiser you are after. Select the appropriate event organiser from the drop-down.

3. If you have purchased tickets using this email address, they will be available under the “My Orders” heading.

NOTE: INTIX can only help you with tickets purchased through INTIX. If you purchased tickets through another provider, such as Moshtix, you will need to contact them directly. Check to make sure you haven’t purchased your tickets through another provider.

Still need help? Get in touch with our team via Facebook messenger for the fastest response: m.me/intixau