Season Tickets

Implement an integrated season ticket solution available to all organisations, sports clubs and communities. From season tickets to corporate sponsorship packages, enhance the value of your offering and provide a premium experience for your loyal clientele and supporters.





Freedom to brand your page

Create a 100% mobile-optimised page in minutes. Spend less time on setup, and have more time to focus on what you do best.

Communicate to your database

Using INTIX's integrated email and SMS marketing tools you control the message your fans are delivered.

Manage, import and export your data

You control the your data. Imports and Exports at a click of a button through your secure dashboard.

Seamlessly tie into your event

With our one click integration you can import your season ticketholders into matchday events.

Ready to start selling Season Tickets?

MEMBERTIX is a versatile platform that can be integrated into any existing CRM system. Ensure your revenue is maximised and enhance your commercial potential with minimal associated fees.


Need Help?

Got a question about selling tickets using INTIX, or about buying tickets to an event? We’re here to help. Visit our Help Centre to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or start a chat with a member of our team.

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