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Sign up now to sell tickets online for your next event, and find out why organisers love using INTIX. We power ticketing for big and small events, giving event organisers instant access to their funds as soon as tickets are sold.

Our ticketing, event management and marketing software is easy to use, and helps create great event experiences for organisers and attendees alike (and helps you sell more tickets!).

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Pricing that competes

INTIX charges a very competitive per ticket fee, which is suitable for most clients. We call this ‘Premium’ pricing, and this gives you access to all of our features.

In most cases event organisers choose to pass these fees on to ticket buyers, meaning you pay absolutely nothing, while we help your attendees save money.

INTIX is free for free events.


Everything you need to manage your ticketing:

  • Instant access to funds (via Stripe)
  • Custom themes & tickets
  • Unlimited ticket types & custom questions
  • Real-time charts & data
  • Access Control scanner app
  • INTIX name change & resale facility
  • Customised integration solutions

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Tailored partnerships for organisers with large and complex events. Talk to us about how we can tailor a package for your business.

Suitable for clients who sell a large volume of tickets, organise events frequently, or require a high level of customisation.

We handle ticketing for large music festivals, music venues, sporting organisations and more.

*Stripe Transaction Fees apply. Volume and/or charity discounts may be available for large events and may be negotiated directly with Stripe.

Organising an event for an NFP, University or community organisation?

Get in touch with our team, as you may be eligible for a reduced pricing package.





More than just ticketing software

Our technology will help you create a great event experience, and our the system gives you the power to utilize your customer data. Our team is as dedicated to growing your event as you.

Instant access to funds

Connect INTIX to a Stripe account, and gain instant access to your funds as soon as a customer purchases a ticket. Stripe Connect allows you to improve your cash flow and simplify your accounts. No more waiting for post-event payouts.

Your brand, front & centre

Completely customise the ticketing experience for your attendees. We help our clients set up great looking ticketing sites & tickets, and give you the power to make changes at any time from your Event Dashboard.

Live stats & graphs

We know how exciting (and important) it is to know exactly how ticket sales are going, and be able to easily identify sales trends. Our live dashboard gives you access to all the numbers which are most important to you, in real-time, including daily and cumulative sales numbers.

Control your data

When someone subscribes to your database or buys a ticket through INTIX, that data remains yours. Unlike traditional ticketing agencies, we will never send irrelevant marketing emails to your customers about offers for other events.

Powerful marketing tools

Integration with Google Analytics eCommerce tracking, an advanced Email Marketing platform to send your customers targeted EDMs, and social media integration give you the power to sell more tickets. attendee insights

Get to know your customers with our campaigns pull data from Facebook, Spotify & Instagram, which is matched with your tickets sales data and email subscribers to unlock powerful insights about your audience.

No more ticket enquiries

We’ll take care of all customer service inquiries relating to ticketing on your behalf, freeing up your team to focus on running the event. Customers can reach out to INTIX quickly and easily via Facebook Messenger or email.

App development & websites

We can develop custom event apps, helping your attendees with set times across multiple stages, maps and more information. If you have a specific requirement, talk to us about how we can build it for you. We can also set up a VenueTix site to automatically list your upcoming events.

Take control of your door sales with INTIX Box Office and Square

Want to sell tickets in person as well as online? INTIX Box Office and Square Payments allows you to take your door sales to the next level, and accept every way your customers want to pay.

INTIX Box Office allows you to connect more hardware like cash drawers and receipt printers allowing you to print bar-coded tickets at the box office, to be scanned upon entry to your event.


Integrations to make managing ticket sales easy

INTIX works with all the important tools you need to help make managing your event easy. We are constantly adding integrations with other platforms our clients use, to make every aspect of managing your event easier.

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Who we work with

Music festivals, venues, sporting events, exhibitions… we work with some of the most iconic events in Australia.

Powerful Ticketing Features


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