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Stripe Connect for Instant Fund Access

Connect INTIX to a Stripe account, and gain instant access to your funds as soon as a customer purchases a ticket. Stripe Connect allows you to improve your cash flow and simplify your accounts. Signing up to Stripe is easy, and connecting Stripe to your INTIX organisation takes less than a minute. No more waiting for post-event payouts.

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Square for INTIX Box Office Payments

INTIX and Square integrate seamlessly for the perfect Box Office solution. Ticket sales flow from the INTIX Box Office iPad app to Square Point of Sale, allowing organisers to handle door sales more easily and accurately — while giving attendees a checkout experience they love and accepting any in-person payment method.

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Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel Tracking and Retargeting

Facebook Pixels make it easy to track ticket sales on INTIX from your Facebook and Instagram ads. Use Facebook Pixel data to set up automated retargeting campaigns or build lookalike audiences to target people similar to your existing attendees. It’s as easy as copying in your Pixel ID, and you can add up to 3 Pixels to any event.

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Google Analytics

MailChimp Audience Sync

Build your email database, and sync your customers to MailChimp with the push of a button. We’ve made it easy to connect your MailChimp account to save you time and make life easier. Simply connect your account, choose a list, and press Sync.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics and eCommerce Tracking

Get a deeper understanding of your customers, and use data insights to sell more tickets. With INTIX it’s easy to connect your Google Analytics account. Enable full eCommerce tracking functionality and GDN retargeting. Simply enter your Google Analytics ID or Tag Manager code, and you’re ready to go.

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Apple Pay and G Pay

Apple Pay and G Pay Built In

Apple Pay and G Pay are automatically enabled for every event on INTIX. For customers who have already added a bank card to one of these popular digital wallets, this added convenience saves time otherwise spent entering payment details, and convenience for fans equals conversions for you.

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Facebook Events

Facebook Event Integration

Most of our event organisers grow their following and promote their events on social media. We’ve built in Facebook integration to your events to help gain more page likes, collect Facebook event RSVPs from ticket buyers, highlight your Facebook videos on your event pages and increase enagement.

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Connect with Buyers on Messenger

With more than 1.3 billion people using Messenger each month, we’ve made it easy for customers to connect with you when they’re buying tickets to your events. Enabling our Messenger integration allows customers to chat with you in real time from any stage of your ticket sales funnel. Your customers can also choose to be notified via Messenger when a ticket becomes available on your event’s resale page.

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