Get instant access to your funds with Stripe and INTIX

Wish you didn’t have to wait for post-event payouts? We’ve teamed up with Stripe to give you instant access to funds as soon as your customers buy a ticket.

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Take control of your ticket revenue

Own your money, with cashflow that keeps your accountant happy. No complicated cash advances or waiting for post-event payouts. Simple access to your funds instantly.

Sign up and accept payments in minutes

Connect your Stripe account to INTIX with just a few clicks. If you don’t have a Stripe account, you can create one from within INTIX. We’ve made it so easy your aunty could do it.

Advanced AI machine learning for fraud detection

You’ll be joining hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world that use Stripe to safely process billions of dollars in transactions each year.

Paradisco Logo
Paradisco Logo

“INTIX has been awesome for our cash flow — using the Stripe integration to have funds from ticket sales land straight into our account is a dream.”

Dane Dunne
Founder, Paradisco / Entourage Tours

Ready to get instant access to your ticket revenue?

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